Description:  Oxybacc Is A Dual Purpose Product. It Relieves Stress Instantly By Providing The Required Oxygen. Thus Prevents The Growth Of Harmful And Pathogenic Microorganisms. This Action Of Oxybacc Helps To Check The Secondary Infection.
Dosage: 500gms/H
Packaging: 100gms Tablet Form



Description: Phos-Bond Binds Up The Soluble Inorganic Phosphate In The Matrix Of Clay. The Phosphate Is Rendered Bio-Unabailable And Cannot Be Used To Fuel Algal Growth. It Binds 95% Of The Filterable Reactive Phosphorus(FRR) Forming The Insoluble Complex.
Dosage: 20-30KG/H
Packaging: 10KG & 20KG

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